An entirely True Work of Fiction: Jim Goldberg’s Raised By Wolves

An entirely True Work of Fiction: Jim Goldberg’s Raised By Wolves

The individual tale behind the generating and also the legacy of Goldberg’s seminal work about marginalized youth, which occupies the liminal space between documentary and narrative fiction

Jim Goldberg discusses how he utilizes his work to create engagement and involvement with communities, in another of four online seminars titled ‘Storytelling For influence: Developing community-focused projects for social change’. Goldberg will talk alongside Magnum photographers Colby contract and Rafal Milach, as well as a panel of nine professionals from across the photographic industry, in the occasions from 29th April to 5th might. Discover more right here, to discover more of Magnum’s photography seminars here.

The town is built to get lost in. Many people disappear here by design, seduced by the freedom of privacy, the chance for reinvention. Others—often those quick on means and advantages—arrive seeking a better life but find themselves pressed towards the margins, caught, for array reasons, in a cycle of poverty that is very tough to reverse.

Fingerprint: Tracing the Roots of Jim Goldberg’s Raised by Wolves

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Jim Goldberg

Jim Goldberg, created in brand New Haven, CT, has dedicated a lot of his practice to honouring those that fall into the latter category. Read More