‘The Everyday Intercourse Venture’ Shows The Truth About Hookup Culture

‘The Everyday Intercourse Venture’ Shows The Truth About Hookup Culture

Deputy Publisher, HuffPost Girls

Whether or not it is a company trip one-night stay or a “bisexual bonobo” birthday celebration, Zhana Vrangalova really wants to know all regarding the latest hookup.

The intercourse researcher and NYU trainer are behind The Casual Intercourse task, a recently-launched website that requires men and women to anonymously publish their own hookup stories. Vrangalova dreams that sharing these tales will demystify everyday intimate activities.

According to Vrangalova, the majority of media insurance of hookup traditions centers on university students, promoting a skewed view of who is carrying out what, while in their particular resides they actually do it, and whether these relaxed gender knowledge tend to be harmful. She told The Huffington Post in a message:

There clearly was plenty speak about the hookup customs these days, about connecting entirely changing dating on university campuses and teenagers as a whole, about casual sex invading the intimate room and disrupting time honored practices and norms. But the majority [people] seldom reach discover certain informal gender encounters aside from that from their unique closest friends, and so have a tremendously restricted idea of what that will include. Read More